In 1980 Shirks Animal Health Supply was started in eastern Lancaster County by farmer Aaron Shirk, who began selling animal health products out of his garage. As the business grew it came to include a store front and eventually a retirement home for Aaron, in 2003 the business was sold to the Brubacher family.

Under the Brubacher’s the business thrived and expanded to include pet, small animal, and gardening supplies; and additions were added to the existing store building.

In April of 2015 Shirks Animal Health Supply was sold to Katrina Shirk and Kleason Shirk, a grandson of Aaron, and the store was moved to its current location along Route 23 for increased space and to make it more accessible to our customers. And while our location has changed our goal remains the same, provide the same high-quality products and knowledgeable service that Shirks has always been known for.

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