Question: How To Train A Great Pyrenees Puppy To Guard Livestock?

At what age do Great Pyrenees start guarding?

It can be trusted with small, young and helpless animals of any kind, but it has to be watched as a young pup with some supervision as it usually takes a pup 18 months to become a livestock guardian dog.

Do you have to train a Great Pyrenees to guard livestock?

The Great Pyrenees does not really need “training”. In our experience, there are two key requirements for a good working dog. First and foremost, is that the dog must come from working parents. This does not mean parents who came from “working lines” but parents who are actively engaged in protecting livestock.

How do you train a Great Pyrenees to be a livestock guardian?

Introduce your young Pyrenees to an older Pyrenees that already guards a flock of sheep. Introduce dogs in a neutral location, not where the sheep are, as the older dog may see the younger dog as a threat. Keep you young pup out on a leash at first so he respects the older dog’s space. Allow dogs to smell each other.

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How do I train my dog to guard livestock?

Teach him to ‘sit’, ‘drop’, ‘wait’ and any other useful commands. As he grows up, you need to encourage any behavior you’ll want to see when he’s protecting the chickens. That means giving him treats and attention when he shows protective behavior, such as growling or chasing other rogue animals.

How do you discipline a Great Pyrenees?

10 Tips for Training Great Pyrenees

  1. Be patient. I cannot express how important patience is when training a Great Pyrenees.
  2. Be confident. A continuation of “be patient” is to be confident.
  3. Keep it positive.
  4. Focus on bonding.
  5. Keep a sense of humor.
  6. Take it slow.
  7. Practice everywhere.
  8. Use the right tools.

How do Great Pyrenees show affection?

For most dogs, leaning is like a hug between friends – a casual and comforting way to show affection. If your Great Pyrenees likes leaning on you but seems emotionally secure otherwise, you can feel free to enjoy the warm weight.

How do you train a Great Pyrenees to stay in your yard?

Secure your dog to a leash each morning and evening and walk them around the perimeter of the yard. After a while this will make the yard feel like their territory, which they will want to stay in to defend. After several days the boundaries should start to become ingrained.

Are Great Pyrenees protective of their owners?

The Great Pyrenees is a calm, gentle, affectionate, and loyal dog. While territorial and protective of his flock or family when necessary, his general demeanor is one of quiet composure, both patient and tolerant.

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How do you train a Great Pyrenees with chickens?

Build a space near your chickens for your Pyrenees. Ideally she will be outside of their area, so she can interact with them through a fence while protecting them from outside predators. Encourage your Pyrenees to bond with your chickens by rewarding her for calm behavior when she is with them under your obserervation.

How do you raise a Great Pyrenees puppy?

Great Pyrenees training

  1. “Be consistent with the rules and training!
  2. “They aren’t Goldens – they are independent.
  3. “Start leash training immediately, and do not tolerate pulling!
  4. “Bathe them, trim nails, and clean ears, etc.
  5. “Socialize them right from the get-go – lots of walks but don’t let them lead.

Is a male or female LGD better?

LGD research has shown that both sexes guard equally well, especially if they are spayed/neutered. If you plan on keeping more than one LGD, neutering/spaying will make it easier for you to place dogs together to work.

How do I train my dog to be a guardian?

Place a few calm and gentle ewes, goats or cows into a pen, with a protected area for the pup where he can see the livestock, but can escape to safety. Present the pup to the livestock under your supervision, but give the pup some quiet time where it can watch its new friends.

How do you break a dog’s stock?

Top tips, training and further help for dog owners

  1. The three most important commands are sit, stay and recall.
  2. Use a dog whistle.
  3. Train your dog in different situations.
  4. Watch your dog.
  5. Look out for sheep and signs.
  6. Teach your dog to ‘leave it’.
  7. Take a distraction for your dog when out on walks.
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What dog is best for protecting chickens?

Dog Breeds that May be Good with Chickens

  • Maremma Sheepdog.
  • Komondor.
  • Tibetan Mastiff.
  • Akbash.
  • Anatolian Shepherd.
  • Great Pyrenees.
  • Kuvasz.

How do I raise my Lgd puppy?

Take your pup with you as you do chores every day with your stock. Expose him to all the different species you want him to eventually protect. Let him drag a long line as you observe his interactions. Praise good behavior.

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