Question: Where Is The Livestock Dealer In Harvest Moon Light Of Hope?

Where is Sofia’s livestock?

Sofia’s Livestock is available after Sofia and her two sons, Gabriel and Michael move into town. She is located within the barn on the farm. She sells livestock and pets.

Where is the livestock dealer in Harvest Moon?

There is an animal dealer in Harvest Moon: One World, who can be found in Calisson. You can unlock his animal shop by simply giving him four potatoes, and he will gladly open his doors for you.

Where can I buy livestock in Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

Cows are animals and livestock in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. A cow is one of the most useful animals in game. When it matures, a healthy cow will always produce milk. Cows can be purchased from Sofia for 7,000G.

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Where can I buy animal feed in Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

Feeding Animals They also need to be full before you can harvest products from them. Regular Feed can be purchased from Sofia, but if you restore the Windmill you will be able to make your own feed with various types of ingredient such as Cornmeal. More feed recipes can be unlocked by completing Sofia’s requests.

What does Soleil do in light of hope?

Soleil will guide players through the new co-op play feature. A second player will be able to control the character and help out on the farm using Gem Sprite magic. Soleil can grow crops, tend livestock, and gather materials.

What animals Can you get in Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

These upgraded animals take the same amount of time to grow up as the standard ones: Brown Chicken: 6000 G. Brown Cow: 20,000 G. The pets are full grown:

  • Cow: 7000 G, 15 days to grow up.
  • Sheep: 10,000 G, 12 days to grow up.
  • Donkey: 20,000 G, 30 days to grow up.
  • Chicken: 2000 G, 8 days to grow up.
  • Horse: 20,000 G.
  • Dog: 8000 G.

How do you get a cat in Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

Before you have it as a pet, it can be seen appearing randomly at the three-way path near your farm or at the top of the mountain between 4:00 pm and 9:00 pm on non-rainy days. Once you own the first house upgrade and pick it up on three different days it will follow you home and become your pet, unlocking a memory.

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Can you ride the horse in Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

You can ride your Horse and use its saddlebag like a Shipping Bin when harvesting crops on the farm.

What is the fastest way to make money in Harvest Moon One World?

Edelweiss Seeds are my favorite go-to crops for earning money. The location is quite far from the farm and teleporter in Lebkuchen so it will take some time to get it. The reward is great once you unlock the seeds to grow these. It will be sold at 1,200G each and the seeds only cost 500G each.

How do you get pregnant in Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

Your Children is obtained after getting married in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. To have a child, the player must build the crib. Building the Crib requires 2.500 G, 5 Hardwood Lumber, 1 Silver, and sheep wool; either 5 normal Wool, 4 Great Wool, 3 Ultimate Wool, 2 Supreme Wool, or 1 Miracle Wool.

Who is Sam in Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

Sam is a villager in Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories. He’s described in the Encyclopaedia as, ” A dubious merchant. Always thinking of ways to make money”. However, he will prove himself to be a reliable person.

How do you get milk in Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

You can only get milk from cows after they eat so make sure the hungry icon has disappeared from the top of their heads. Animals need a few hours to eat so if you feed them in the morning, you have to come back after a few hours because time doesn’t run in the barn.

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How do I feed my animals in Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

After talking to Gabriel, he’ll suggest trying to lure the Blue Bird out with food, and will graciously give you the Delicious Animal Feed recipe. In order to make this feed, you’ll need to repair the Windmill on your farm.

Can you upgrade your barn in Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

House and Barn Upgrades You’ll need to upgrade your house to the Large size if you want to get married (the larger bed is part of the house upgrade), and the Giant size if you want to have a child. The barn upgrades unlock after you restore the lighthouse.

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