Quick Answer: Who Builds Infinity Livestock Trailers?

Who makes livestock trailers?

Rugged, durable and dependable livestock trailers by Exiss have been the choice of successful cattlemen and ranchers for many years. We build quality aluminum livestock trailers that live up to the rugged demands of hauling, loading and unloading your livestock.

Where are cm horse trailers made?

manufacturing facility in Madill, Oklahoma and streamlined their assembly process. CM Trailers is synonymous with quality, reliability, dependability, and value.

How long are cattle trailers?

These trailers most typically go from 20′ floor length up to 45′.

Are cm horse trailers all-aluminum?

Specializing in top-grade horse and livestock trailers, CM Trailers manufactures a trailer that is made for you. CM Trailers offers over 25 years of experience in manufacturing robust steel and all-aluminum trailers that you can count on.

Are Exiss stock trailers good?

Exiss are not the least expensive trailers, and you may not want to own any trailer that is. Another brand which merits consideration is an Eby. Their stock trailers enjoy an excellent reputation.

Who bought Featherlite trailers?

Featherlite Trailers has been acquired from Universal Trailer Corporation (UTC) by a newly formed company owned by Tim Masud and Howard Palmer. The pair have also acquired UTC’s livestock trailer brands Exiss and Sooner.

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Where are Titan trailers made?

With a sprawling 170,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Waterville, Kansas, a highly skilled workforce, and a state of the art paint facility with infra-red bake ovens and DuPont paint, Titan Trailer backs its products with an unprecedented 5 year warranty.

Where are 4star trailers made?

Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 4-Star has established the all-aluminum trailer as the industry standard for ease of maintenance and overall superiority. 4-Star Trailers is a proud, certified member of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers.

Where are GR trailers made?

GR Trailers, LLC was born in the year 2006 as a part of the Grupo Remolques del Norte, S.A. de C.V. The largest trailer manufacture of the United States of Mexico.

How many cows can fit in a cattle trailer?

“These trailers can haul 28 to 30 cows, and with the ground load cattle can be loaded or unloaded anywhere.

How many cows can a cattle liner hold?

Using a cattle liner is the safest and most economical form of transport. On our farm, we only have a 16 ft. trailer. This trailer can only accomodate 6 full grown cows at a time.

What are livestock trailers called?

A livestock trailer, also known as a stock trailer, is an unpowered vehicle that is towed by a powered vehicle, used in the transportation of cattle, horses, pigs, and other farm animals.

How much does a 4 horse trailer with living quarters weigh?

Average Weight of a Four Horse Trailer When you take into account four horses, tack, equipment, clothes, hay and grain, the weight total will be an average of 10,700 pounds. For four-horse trailers with living quarters, the weight of just the trailer will be closer to an average of 7,900 pounds.

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