Readers ask: How To Feed Livestock Kenshi?

How do I feed my Garru?

Meat until they get fix for like wheat or greenfruit. Fresh or rotten will work and also it should say in the tool tip if you hover over those two meats. Hope this helps!

What do pack animals eat in Kenshi?

Pack Beasts are tamed Garrus used in Trade Caravans for Nomads, Traders Guild and the Western Hive to haul supplies and materials wearing Garru Backpacks. They also double as sturdy guards against the harsh residents of the world. They eat raw meat and Foul raw meat and can be purchased from Nomad Animal Traders.

What can Bonedogs eat?

They eat Foul Raw Meat, Raw Meat and any Severed Limbs that are laying on the ground from recent combat.

How do you recruit animals in Kenshi?

Supports most if not all the vanilla critters.

  1. Find unconscious Beastie.
  2. Put the Beastie in your cage by clicking either the Lock or Unlock option.
  3. Talk to the Beastie to gain its trust.
  4. Pick up your new friend from the cage and place it down.
  5. Enjoy.
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How do you eat in Kenshi?

In Kenshi, your character eats food automatically. All you need to do is have food in your inventory or on the ground nearby. You can buy food from traders in towns or travelling trade caravans. Once your character hits a certain hunger value they will automatically eat food.

Where can I buy raw meat Kenshi?

Probably. Raw Meat is an ingredient used primarily in the crafting of food at a Cooking Stove. It can be bought from relevant Traders including those in Hive Villages or gathered from most Fauna.

Is Kenshi still being updated?

Kenshi has now left Early Access and is fully released. It means that there will be no new features added, Kenshi is feature complete, but we will be continuing to fix all crashes and bugs reported to us.

How do I get building materials for Kenshi?

Building Materials can be purchased from Construction Traders in towns or produced on your own at a Stone Processor from Raw Stone. A Hybrid Stone Mine, a late-game building, can create Building Materials directly without the need to process them. They can be stored in Storage: Building Materials.

How do you get Kenshi green fruit?

Greenfuit can be bought from Trade Goods Traders or Holy Farm Leaders at various locations. The Rebel Base also has a few available for purchase as well as a Bar at The Hub, both of which are Black Market Bar vendors.

Can your Bonedogs eat corpses?

Bonedogs can also eat corpses from dead enemies. If the bonedog gets hungry and you are near a corpse, they will automatically walk over to the body and eat a part off to sate their hunger.

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Can you tame animals in Kenshi?

Animal Taming The Kenshi Development Team has hinted that the ability to raise certain animals and tame them into being Player Characters could be added to the game. These Beak Thing Eggs and Crab Eggs can be found in the Nests of the relevant animals, but are currently only used for trade.

What does Bonedog mean?

bonedog (plural bonedogs) The spiny dogfish.

How do you make grog Kenshi?

Grog is made in a Grog Machine using Wheatstraw and Water via the Cooking skill. It is stored in its own unique storage container, Grog Barrels. It cannot be used as food. In the description for Wheatstraw, grog is referred to as a “rum that makes you go blind.”

Where can I find Kenshi leviathans?

A Leviathan is a humongous beast indigenous to the Leviathan Coast in the northwest region.

How do you recruit animals?

How to Recruit Foster Homes for Pets

  1. Use social media.
  2. Alert the local press.
  3. Work with other rescues, shelters, or coalitions in your area.
  4. Use your current fosters to help recruit their friends and family.
  5. Make sign up fast and easy.

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