What Zoning In Delaware Allows For Livestock?

What is AR zoning in Delaware?

§ 205-60 Purpose. The purpose of the AR – Agricultural Residential District is: To allow for a variety of low-density planned residential and cluster developments in a rural setting. To serve as a transitional/buffer zone between agricultural and residential uses.

Can you have chickens in Sussex County Delaware?

Backyard chickens (fancy or otherwise) are a popular pet and small-scale food source, and are permitted on smaller AR-zoned parcels in Sussex County.

Can you have chickens in Kent County Delaware?

Keeping of chickens shall not be permitted on lots smaller than 10,890 square feet in lot area. ii. Chickens shall be registered with the Delaware Department of Agriculture.

How much land do you need for a horse in Delaware?

The parcel on which the private stable is located must be at least two (2) acres in size.

How tall can a Delaware fence be?

Residential fences may not exceed 6 feet, unless they are specifically for ball courts, which require additional permission. Deed restrictions may apply, so check your specific area to see what is needed.

Do you need a permit to build a fence in Sussex County Delaware?

All construction in Sussex County, whether new, remodeling or additions, requires a Sussex County issued building permit. County permits are required for all construction activity regardless of whether in a municipality or the unincorporated areas of the county.

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Do I need a permit for a fence in Delaware?

Some home improvement projects do not require a building permit, such as most fences and patios, sidewalks, siding, and sheds of 200 square feet or less. Homeowners may apply for a building permit and do the work themselves as long as they occupy the property and the home is not for sale or being rented.

Is it legal to own chickens in Delaware?

You can have a few chickens if you have a tiny space, or several dozen if you’re out in the country like we are. Pretty much anyone can do this,” said Chris. In Delaware, chickens must also be registered with the Department of Agriculture.

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